Another write up reported at Los Angeles area Honda Dealer Diamond Honda of Glendale

Diamond Honda of Glendale, CA, a Los Angeles-area Honda Dealer, reported another write-up today. This new incident in question revolves around a service advisor, who instead of creating a ticket for an oil change and new tires on a 1999 Honda Accord with 219,000 miles, contacted the customer and attempted to purchase her Accord.

The customer, worried the Service Advisor’s abundance of appreciation would result in an unnecessary joy ride through Los Angeles and Hollywood – reminiscent of the scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – had contacted senior management officials at Diamond Honda of Glendale to report the incident.

When senior management questioned the Honda Service Advisor, he had the following to say

“I’m a service advisor at a Honda Dealership. You know what that’s like? These are the cars that Edmunds True Cost to Own(SM)(TCO) Tool reports as having the lowest cost of ownership. You know what’s in this TCO calculation? Depreciation, insurance, financing, taxes/fees, fuel, maintenance and repairs.

Let me repeat: MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS. That’s not a good prospect for a guy in the maintenance and repair business. A guy can go broke around all these Hondas.

Yes, so what? So I tried to buy a car to start my own side operation selling Hondas. Sue me! A guy has to put food on his table. I don’t require much, just the occasional pot pie and and some peanut butter cups.”

This reporter contacted Mr. Erickson – the Internet salesman still home for a mandatory three days following the alleged collision with a fellow salesman upon the arrival of 2011 Honda Civics – had the following to say;

“If this service advisor is sent home like I was, my doors are open to him. I’ve been driving around Los Angeles eyeing other dealerships’ Hondas for two days now, fooling sales guys into giving me test drives. I could use some company.”

The Service Manager at Diamond Honda of Glendale worried that Los Angeles-area and Hollywood Honda owners would be concerned regarding offers made on their cars during routine oil changes, coolant flushes, transmission flushes, engine tune-ups, tire rotations, etc. Luckily, these owners can make service appointments online at

“We realize Honda owners are often badgered with offers from random strangers to purchase their car. We don’t want this constant burden to carry forth to the one place owners should feel safe – with us, your Honda Dealer and Service Center.”