Do you have to have auto insurance before buying a car?

Many drivers wonder if they need to purchase auto insurance before buying a car. If you are new to auto insurance it may seem confusing or difficult to you. In fact, if you aren’t so new to auto insurance, you know well that this process can be frustrating and overwhelming.

There are many questions to be answered when it comes car insurance. is here to help. Let’s answer frequently asked questions when it comes time to purchase auto insurance.

Purchase auto insurance before buying the car or after?

When it comes to this situation, it really depends. The main idea is to determine if you are going to walk on a car lot and get your first car ever and have never purchased an auto insurance policy before. If this sounds like you, then you will need to purchase an online car insurance policy. Now that you know you will need to purchase coverage, I’m sure you are wondering “what next?”

Let’s consider these situations below. This will help you out if you are uninsured, never have been, and are looking at purchasing your first car.

Auto Option 1

When it comes to purchasing a car off the lot, you will have quite a few options. It is always best to browse the lot to determine which of the cars you like. Remember when It comes to auto insurance coverage, the type of car you choose could impact your premiums. It is recommended that you use an online site, enter your zip code, and the car information. In turn, you will get information providing you with an idea of what your car insurance rate will be. Many drivers make the mistake of not checking this when purchasing a car. Don’t let that be you!

Auto Option 2

It is also possible to check on auto insurance at the dealership. Just keep in mind, if you want to do this that you should give yourself enough time to look at cars and their respective insurance rates.

Therefore, either way, you will need to purchase auto insurance coverage from someone like before purchasing your car. You should also really have proof of insurance to satisfy your lender before driving off the lot with your car. It’s always best to ahead shop online for your auto insurance quotes now!