Edmunds Recognizes Honda Models as 2013 Best Residual Value Winners

You know the saying: once you drive a car off a dealership’s lot, its value immediately depreciates

At Diamond Honda of Glendale we think that’s a bummer. That’s why we’re proud to offer models from our preferred Japanese automaker. They retain their value for several years and thousands of miles.

In fact, that’s the opinion of the automotive gurus over at Edmunds dot com. Annually, the industry’s online champions announce their Best Retained Value Awards. As you’ve likely guessed from our enthusiasm, two Honda models made the list.

Well, actually the Big H landed on the 2013 list a total of three times. That’s because the continuously popular Honda Civic earns the accolade in its sedan and coupe variants. That’s for the “Sedan $20k-$30k” and “Coupe Under $25k” divisions, respectively.

As for the other model, the 2013 Civic is joined by the Honda Odyssey, which claims the top spot in the van category. All three vehicles are being recognized for their ability to retain a close-to-MSRP value over a five-year period.

While that’s exciting, what’s arguably even more so is that the Honda Civic and Odyssey have been popular options over the years. That’s accredited, in part, to their continuously positive performances on safety tests.

You know what that means?

Not only are the 2013 Honda models award-winners, their previous editions make for stellar used cars for drivers in the Glendale, CA area. To discover your preferred vehicle (new or lightly-loved) we welcome you to visit our 138 South Glendale Avenue location. We’re always happy to answer any questions, detail specs and arrange test drives!