Honda: Your Solution for Electric, Hybrid or Alternative Fuel Veh

Get behind the wheel! Take a test drive! You’ll find that Honda has a variety of options to answer your quest to help change the world – one vehicle at a time! You’ve done some research, you’ve learned that electric cars and plug-in hybrids provide the performance and capabilities that you as a driver need for daily requirements. Not to mention that you just might help the U.S., and other parts of the world, wean themselves from oil imports. At Diamond Honda of Glendale, we invite you to stop in and learn some more. Our knowledgeable sales team will help you learn about the differences in these types of vehicles and which one may be right for you…

Two Systems, Working Better as One

Honda has designed four conventional hybrid vehicles including models of the Accord, Civic, CR-Z and Insight. They are an environmentally friendly choice that can help pad your pocketbook with extra savings. Combining the technologies of internal combustion and electricity, these vehicles obtain both a battery and electric motor. Though they don’t have to sit at a specific station to recharge or be plugged in. These two systems work together to provide regenerative braking – a unique system that captures electricity using kinetic energy that otherwise gets wasted or lost in regular gasoline engine vehicles.

Gas/electric vehicles, incorporating the regenerative braking system, use a completely different method for braking at slower speeds. Though they still use conventional braking at highway speeds, the electric motor kicks in to help with braking throughout slower city, or stop and go, driving. Electricity is captured as the driver applies pressure to a standard brake pedal and the electric motors reverse direction. The forward motion of the vehicle is eventually stopped by this counteracted reversal and torque is thus created and less gasoline usage is used. In fact the action may even allow the gasoline-powered engine to shut off altogether.

Plug it In, Plug it In!

Similar to the conventional hybrid, Honda gives you another choice with a “plug-in” style hybrid found in the Accord. This model too operates with an electric motor and internal combustion engine, however the Accord Plug-In’s batteries can be charged by plugging into an outlet. Unlike conventional hybrids, this vehicle can substitute electricity from off the grid as an alternative for gasoline. It uses the charged electricity first before the regenerative braking system and gasoline motor and kicks in. Compare the average cost to drive 100 miles on gasoline ($13.52) to the average cost of electricity ($3.45); the extra saving is a definite benefit.

Proudly, Honda also offers a vehicle that is 100% powered by electricity in the Fit EV. It runs completely with an on-board battery system that is charged when plugged into a charging station or outlet. Without a gasoline engine, the Fit EV does not produce emissions from the tailpipe. And as the electric driving range is much longer than those of a plug-in hybrid or conventional hybrid, the Fit EV’s combined range of 82 miles will certainly fulfill a driver’s needs!

An Alternative Solution

Diamond Honda of Glendale is proud to offer Honda vehicles that repeatedly receive accolades and awards for being the safest and most environmentally-friendly. Honda was the first vehicle manufacturer to mass-produce hybrid models for the U.S. and Europe and continues to make every effort for improvements and enhancements for the environment. And as such, Honda recently introduced their next generation fuel cell electric vehicle, the FCX Clarity, for limited release in 2015. This vehicle will refuel in less than five minutes, combines hydrogen with oxygen to make electricity and will have a driving range of 300+ miles. Water will be the only byproduct the FCX Clarity FCEV leaves behind.