Los Angeles Honda Dealer selling 2011 Honda CR-Z

Diamond Honda of Glendale, a Los Angeles area Honda dealer, is pleased to announce the new Honda CR-Z is in stock and ready for immediate sale.

Contrary to rumors, the silver CR-Z is not faster than the black CR-Z. The drivers who first took them off the boat onto US shores are to thank for this bit of fiction. What’s likely true is that each driver had their car in a different “drive mode.” Next time, perhaps Diamond Honda of Glendale should send its helpful Honda guys to the port to demonstrate the sport and efficiency mode buttons and help prevent the spread of future rumors.

So, let’s get to the facts: What is the CR-Z? Well, it’s a sports car and a hybrid car.

What more would you expect from the folks at Honda who have repeatedly topped the greenest automaker rankings by the Union of Concerned Scientists?

Christina Ra, a manager at Honda Public Relations, says:

“The CR-Z is officially available for purchase at your local dealership. You can finally check it out for yourself – kick the tires, hear the exhaust note, shift the gears, push the 3-mode buttons, gaze at the light show that is the instrument panel and discover everything a hybrid is – and isn’t.”

Diamond Honda of Glendale would like to invite Los Angeles Honda lovers to schedule a test drive and view our entire inventory.